GeniusIdea Follow RC Selfie Drone Specs & Price

GeniusIdea Follow is a Wi-Fi remote controlled drone designed to follow you around and take aerial 4k photography or filming of the activities around you. The drone among other features is great for aerial selfies with friends. The GeniusIdea Follow drone also supports flight path planning, face recognition and filming around a point of interest.

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GeniusIdea Follow Drone

The GeniusIdea Follow drone comes with a simple quadcopter design. You have the central body that houses the electronics. The body is not a flat box, it is aerodynamically designed to reduce air resistance.

You have the four arms that hold the propeller blades for propelling the drone in the air. The camera is located in the front of the drone with a field of vision of 117°.

The GeniusIdea Follow drone has a 13 megapixels camera on the front. The camera is built on the Sony IMX214 sensor. The camera can record 4K videos at 30 frames per second. However, the drone can only record 4K videos to internal storage.

You can only access real-time image and videos in 720p HD quality. You will have to access the drone’s internal storage to watch the video in 4K ultra HD quality. The camera has 117° FOV and electronic image stabilisation.

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The camera angle is even adjustable. It can rotate to 0°, -25°, -50°, or -90°.

GeniusIdea Follow drone has a 16GB built-in storage. You can add an extra 64GB storage capacity via a microSD memory card.

The GeniusIdea Follow drone is built with the major aim of following you around and taking selfies. The drone has a face detection feature that enables it detect faces in a shot, so as to make a better camera composition.

The GeniusIdea Follow drone has a 20 minutes flying time and use visual tracking to follow you as you move around. With the Circle Flight feature, the drone can keep circling around a given area. You can also create a flight path for the quadcopter. You can use a gesture to tell it its time to take a selfie.

To make flying seamless, the GeniusIdea Follow drone features GPS and GLONASS for navigation. You also get an optical flow sensor and a sonar positioning system for even more precision. The quadcopter also adds a six-axis gyroscope and a digital compass.

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